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Jess is a Dark Mage from Elrios and is one of the main characters in the series Elrios Mages. She is known to be the strongest mage in the villages Ruben and Elder.


Jess is a slender, young woman with blonde hair and dark eyes. Jess is first introduced with a short red jacket, short brown jeans, long brown and red boots and a dark purple staff which tip looks like a bat's head. When she goes to the Velder festival, she begins to wear a black and red dress and boots.


Jess is first introduced as a childish, interruptive and careless character. After the Velder attack, she develops a more serious and mature demeanor.


Jess was born in the village of Ruben. She loses her family during the war against a criminal called Banthus and his bandit fellows. Parentless, she joins the army and becomes the most powerful mage in Ruben. Jess then leaves the army and visits Elder, where she starts to live. There, she starts doing quests and gradually becomes known as the mightiest magician in Ruben and Elder.

Magic and Abilities

Dark Magic: Jess is an extremely skilled user of Dark Magic, which allows her to cast Dark Magic spells almost perfectly. Jess can also use other types of Magic, such as Summoning Magic and Fire Magic.