Elrios Mages

an Adventure/Fantasy/Mystery series

"Everything is connected. Everything is intentional. There are hints throughout the seasons that lead up to something big, something you wouldn't even imagine. You just need to connect the dots to realize what's been hiding in front of you the whole time."



Season 1

Jane is a princess who goes on a quest to save her kingdom, Elrios, from a dangerous brotherhood whose intentions are yet to be revealed. But Jess's path crosses with Jane's and they soon become friends. But danger strikes before anyone could even imagine. Jess and Jane rise against the evil brotherhood, hoping to restore the peace of the kingdom. But little does Jane know that Jess was somehow connected to the mastermind of this whole mission to destroy Elrios. Jess and Jane finally find out the solution of saving the kingdom. However, a sacrifice had to be made. A sacrifice which would change one of the mages's lives forever.

Full Season 1: http://bit.ly/ElriosMages



Season 2

The sacrifice made in order to save the kingdom turned out to cause nothing but more trouble. The one who risked her life has gone missing, and the other one had to find her. However, a bigger threat is on its way. Sarah, one of the chiefs of the Elrios army, wants to stop the distress in Elrios. Unfortunately, she picks the worst teammate to take with her on her important mission.

Full Season 2: http://bit.ly/ElriosMages2



Season 3

The Gates of Hell have been opened by three mysterious demons, whose mission is to bring Hell to our world. Only one can save Elrios from the potential disaster. The whole story revolves around an ancient myth about three demon sisters. It is Jess's duty to figure out the demons' next move, only using the hidden hints in the myth, and stop them from bringing Hell to Elrios. If only she had connected the dots when she needed... she would have saved a precious life.

Full Season 3: http://bit.ly/ElriosMages3

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